We Will Reduce Your Snoring by up to 70% with No Surgery, No Anaesthesia and No Downtime, or your money back.*
"SnoreLase is a breakthrough anti snoring laser treatment performed in the dental chair. It’s non-invasive, virtually pain-less and easy."
Brennan - Chronic Snorer for Over 30 Years
Please note, specific results can vary dependent on different people's health and lifestyle. We will determine if you are right for our program before any work commences. 

This gentleman says,

"I'm so happy to sleep in my own bed with my wife again, and ..... it's easier than a CPAP machine"
Man In Hat
Don't Spend Another Night In The Spare Room!

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The Laser Lifecare Institute's "SnoreLase Program" is:
The Perfect Natural Snoring Solution For People Who Are Sick and Tired of Spending Every Night Sleeping in the Spare Bedroom Alone!!
It's guaranteed* to Reduce Your Snoring Significantly!

Our "SnoreLase" Treatment Program promises a good night's sleep for you and your partner and helps you feel more alert, engaged and rested throughout the day.

If you don't have a good night's sleep, what do you have?

Specifically our guests find SnoreLase:
  • Lessens the intensity and duration of snoring
  • Increases their quality of sleep
  • Improves intimate relationships 
  • Dramatically improves breathing by naturally opening the airways
  • Stops embarrassing public snoring ..... like on planes!

Our Guests love it because ......
  • There is no surgery or cutting - the treatment is done with the world's latest laser technology 
  • Little or no discomfort during or after treatment - the treatment is done in short bursts 
  • Doesn't require you to hook up to any noisy devices when going to bed
  • No anaesthesia required - it's done in a dentist's chair by highly qualified and highly skilled dental professionals
  • No downtime - you can go straight back to work after your treatment
  • Special simple Throat strengthening  and Breathing exercises will be given to help you live better longer
  • A comfortable customised mouthguard will be made for you FREE (normally up to $2500 separately) - if deemed necessary to help you keep your mouth closed and tongue forward to get the best results in severe snorers. The Laser treatment cannot change the size/position of your jaws and tongue.  
  • Results are measured - you will be asked to measure your sleep patterns with a simple app so you will see the results immediately
  • It's safe, quick and comfortable to have it done over an 8-12 week period - you will have 1 x one hour consultation session and 3 to 5 x 30 minute treatment sessions.
  • It's easy - call us now!
*Our Guarantee To You*

If after a full diagnostic session, we determine you are a suitable candidate for our SnoreLase procedure and if you agree to accept the detailed written treatment protocol we prepare, then we guarantee* to reduce your snoring by at least 80% or we will give your money back.  Please see our Our Clear and Easy to Understand Refund Policy below for details of how your refund would be processed.

Our program is not right for everyone, but should you be selected to enter our SnoreLase Program you will need to agree to complete both parts of our treatment program, one being the treatment at the clinic and the second being some throat exercises at home.  In some instances we may refer you to other health and wellbeing professionals who will help improve your lifestyle choices and encourage improvement in your general health and wellbeing before you are ready to begin our treatment program.

We promise to give you a full written disclosure of the results we believe we can get for you, before you commit to our program.

We will discuss any concerns with you and the decision to go ahead is 100% yours.   

After conducting over a hundred treatment sessions to date, we have learned the effect pre-exisiting habits and health challenges have on your results.  Should we feel you have existing health issues that will stop you achieving our guaranteed* 80% promise, you will be required to sign a guarantee* waiver should you still wish to go ahead after we explain the levels of reduction we may get you.  Some people are delighted with a small decrease after years of struggling with snoring and are happy to go ahead at their own risk.  We will of course do our absolute best to get everyone who enters the program amazing results.

If you are in doubt you are welcome to speak to someone at our clinic, simply apply for a complimentary phone session and we will contact you.

Our Clear and Easy to Understand Refund Policy

If we determine you to be a suitable candidate and you follow the treatment protocol as agreed, and we don't reduce your snoring by at least 80%, then we can either keep working with you until you reach an 80% measured difference or we will give your money back, no questions asked.  Your refund will be swiftly transferred back by the same payment method you used to pay for the treatment.

If you are in doubt you are welcome to speak to someone at our clinic, simply apply for a complimentary phone session and we will contact you.

No cutting, no bleeding, no scarring,
nothing scary.
You’ll feel no pain during or after!
(Watch These Short Videos To See What People Are Saying After Their Treatment)
Results may vary. However, everyone gets an improvement and better airway opening
David - Sleep Aponea & Cardiac Arrest Survivor
 Learn How SnoreLase Helped David

After 4 treatments, time spent sleeping was less but energy levels were higher, with a general feeling of "awakeness" not normally associated with less sleep.

David's "Snore Scores" from the SnoreLab App were in the EPIC range which is not good when you have had cardiac arrest.

After surviving a cardic arrest and being diagnosed with sleep aponea, David knew he had to care for and take the load off his heart.  SnoreLase helped him do that.

David reported there was nothing more uncomfortable than a CPAP mask and is happy he has times where he doesn't have to wear it now.

If you have Sleep Apnea, we'll refer you for a sleep study & you may still need to use CPAP according to Specialist recommendations. 
Airway opening with Snorelase / Nightlase treatment will allow CPAP to work better, and less intensely and frequently. 

"I'm just glad to be back in my own bed again!"

"...a lot less painful & intrusive than I thought it was going to be"

Please note, specific results can vary dependent on different people's health and lifestyle. We will determine if you are right for our program before any work commences. 
Safe, quick and comfortable to have it done over a 6 week period
The Cold Hard Facts of Snoring!
  • Snoring is a breathing obstruction that your body has to overcome to keep you alive
  • Serious snoring by itself dramatically increases your risk of brain stroke**
  • Snoring with sleep apnoea can be fatal if not managed properly - if you have sleep apnoea and use a CPAP we will work closely with your sleep specialist to make sure you are sleeping and breathing even better and safer.
  • Snoring is embarrassing in public (like on planes) and in private intimate nights!
  • Poor sleep decreases your ability to focus, impairs performance & decreases libido.
  • Sleep deprivation leads to increased irritability, mood swings & depression.
  • SNORING IS DANGEROUS ... 82 % of males and 93% of females with moderate to severe sleep apnoea are walking around undiagnosed*** ...
It's Not Just The Guys Who Have Challenges With Snoring

Hear how Naomi went from not even knowing that she snored to getting the SnoreLab App and finding out she was EPIC ...... for all the wrong reasons!

This story has a happy ending with Naomi finally getting her snoring to a point where she feels she would be comfortable entering a relationship again now she doesn't have the embarrassment of her snoring.

You'll love the truth and honesty in Naomi's story! 

If you relate, don't let embarrassment stop you - we love creating these experiences for people and understand that it's not easy to make that first move. 
How Snoring Impacts People's Lives
Actual Feedback from People Seeking Help From Us
I'm always embarrassed sleeping in public
I'm unable to sleep with others in the same room
I have to stay awake until my partner falls asleep
I'm always disturbing my partners sleep
My kids have to close their doors because my snoring is so loud
I'm always tired, I could go to sleep anytime of anyday
My snoring is so loud the whole household can hear me
My friends make fun of me when I stay over at their place
I'm unable to sleep with others in the same room
My partner has to wear ear plugs
I worry about keeping others awake
I snore so loud I cannot have a relationship
My snoring causes anger and depression between myself and my partner
I have no confidence to be in group sleeping situations
I get a poor nights sleep and keep my partner and flatmates awake
I'm always demoted to the spare room and I'm always tired
My sleep apnoea worries my wife and keeps her awake
I constantly wake up tired and with a sore throat
I have to sleep in the kitchen when I go on tramping trips
My back gets sore from being hit constantly in the middle of the night

These stories break our hearts because it doesn't have to be this way.  You don't have to keep living with the embarrassment and isolation that snoring brings.  

We have finance support that, if you are approved, will help you pay for your treatments in interest free instalments.  

Providing you don't have any health conditions that make it impossible for us to serve you, then we are here to do whatever we can to help you reduce your snoring.

Your next step is easy, you simply have to hit the big red button and complete your details and we will call you and help you to decide if the treatment is right for you.

Would You Like To .......
  • Get a quality nights sleep?
  • Sleep better and wake happier?
  • Not have to worry about keeping others awake?
  • Live longer?
  • Reduce cardiac risk?
  • Have more sleep overs?
  • Nap or sleep less in the daytime?
  • Feel more confident and less embarrassed when having to sleep around others?
  • Have more energy to do the things you want to do?
  • Never have to feel afraid of sleeping in public anymore?
You can reduce your snoring and live a happier life
This is How it Works
The Simple 8 Step SnoreLase Treatment Plan
Step 1 Assess Button Image

You will have a complimentary phone session with one of our Guest Care Team Members to assess your suitability for the program and to answer all your questions. We can offer up to 24 months interest free so don't forget to ask us about this great offer.

Step 2 Prepare Button Image

We will complete all the paperwork for you along with your personalised SnoreLase Treatment Plan, then all your treatments will be booked in at times suitable for you.  We will then email you written confirmation.

Step 3 Record Button Image

You will measure your snoring 2-3 nights per week with the SnoreLab phone app.  While there are many devices that can be used to measure snoring, one of the easiest and cheapest is an iPhone app called SnoreLab which costs less than 2 cups of coffee.

Step 4 Relax Button Image

You will come to the LaserLife Care Institute and will be welcomed by one of our Guest Care Team Members, who will serve you a welcoming beverage and get you settled in our relaxation lounge while you wait for your treatment.

Step 5 Consult Button Image

You will be taken through for your initial 90 minute diagnostic consultation where Dr Hisham will listen to your concerns about your snoring and fully assess what needs to be done.  In most instances you will have your first treatment with the NightLase machine during this session.

Step 6 Return Button Image

You will return to the clinic for two more 60 minute sessions with Dr Hisham.  During this time you can ask questions or simply share your sleep wins with someone who will understand just how exciting it is to get a full uninterrupted night of quality sleep.

Step 7 Monitor Button Image

You will continue to monitor at home.  During the course of the treatment you will notice your snoring diminishing but after treatment three is where the real magic starts to shine.  Now you will begin to monitor your own progress by the amount of time you spend in your own bed!

Step 8 Report Button Image

We LOVE to hear our guests good news, so a Guest Care Team Member will be phoning you two weeks after your treatment plan is completed to hear your results and to celebrate the changes the program has made in your life.

Breakfast Show Host States "This is a Miracle!"

We recently had the fabulous Jay-Jay Harvey, one of Auckland's top breakfast radio show hosts in the chair to see if we could help her with her snoring.

Like many people who snore, Jay-Jay had tried "everything" to try and get some relief from her snoring problem.  She frequently joked on air about her challenge but with her busy lifestyle and important events where she has to be on her A Game, her snoring was past a joke.

Jay-Jay under went the 6 Week SnoreLase Journey and her SnoreLab results show a text book case of someone whose snoring was nearing a critical level with a Snore Score of 67.

At the end of six weeks her Snore Score is now ZERO!  We just LOVE it when we get these types of results for our guests because we know we have given them the best gift of all, a good night's sleep!

Photo of Jay Jay Harvey

Jay-Jay Harvey, breakfast show host on The Edge radio station & author of the NZ Bestseller 'Misconception'

Here is what Jay-Jay posted to Facebook Just After Her Last SnoreLase Treatment With Us

"After years of trying all sorts of remedies, I have finally been successfully treated for SNORING!  I have tried buckwheat pillows, mouth guards, snore rings, nasal sprays, throat sprays, breathing therapy, and even stayed at The Sleep Institute.  Although some of those things were helpful, they are mostly inconvenient. 

Then I met Dr. Hisham from www.lasersmile.co.nz

He is NZ’s #1 Laser dentist and treated me by giving me three half hour sessions of SnoreLase.  A laser inside my mouth and throat which renews collagen and tightens everything up, to stop the snoring.  It’s not painful, just a wee bit hot at times, but totally worth it. 

After each session, my snoring got less and less and much quieter.  Now I hardly snore at all and when I do, it’s so quiet that Dom doesn’t need earplugs anymore!!  This is a MIRACLE!!!  

Supposedly the results last a couple of years.  I have been recording my snoring at night and you can see by the graphs how incredible the improvement has been."

You can read her post here

The image above is of Jay-Jay at The Sleep Institute.  She slept like this over night with someone monitoring her snoring.  You can read how that went here

This very short video is of Jay-Jay having her treatment with Dr Hisham.  She was conscious the whole time and was able to chat and give feedback throughout the whole procedure.  Each treatment was for 30 minutes and she needed three treatments over a six week period.  

It really is this simple!

Please note, specific results can vary dependent on different people's health and lifestyle.
 We will determine if you are right for our program before any work commences. 
Meet Dr Hisham
Dr Hisham is going to be doing all your SnoreLase Treatments
and he will get where you are coming from because
he has had the treatment himself!
Yes that's Dr Hisham in the chair having his colleague and friend Dr Jason Pang in Sydney treating his snoring problem.

This is Dr Hisham's Personal Before and After Results from the Snore Lab App

88% reduction in Snore Score after 3 Snorelase treament sessions!

Please note, specific results can vary dependent on different people's health and lifestyle.
 We will determine if you are right for our program before any work commences. 

So no need to be embarrassed or worry that your problem won't be understood because Dr Hisham himself had a snoring challenge that caused all sorts of challenges for him in his business and personal life.

So not only is he one of the world's authorities on Lasers, he has been in the chair having the exact treatment you will have.  

No one is more qualified to help you ...... read on to find out a little more about this amazing and visionary man.

About Dr Hisham Abdalla

Dr Hisham Abdalla was the first multiple laser dentist in New Zealand and one of the first in Australasia to teach and evolve this technology to enhance dentistry.

He is a #1 International BESTSELLING Author, Leading Cosmetic Laser Dentist, Doctor, International Educator, Transformational Speaker and Nightlase / SnoreLase expert.

Dr Abdalla was an invited Associate Professor at Cagliari University in Sardinia, Italy and an affiliate member of the American Dental Association. He is an internationally respected speaker, author and educator in the fields of Laser dentistry, Minimally Invasive, High-tech dentistry and Cosmetic dentistry. 

Dentists, Specialists, Professors and colleagues travel from the USA, UK, Australia and all over New Zealand to attend seminars & live trainings by Hisham at our state-of-the-art facitlity. 

Many have returned to have their own treatment done by him. Hisham is known for his pioneering ideas, strong motivation and passion for research and knowledge.  He's been nominated by his colleagues at the Auckland Dental Association for NZDA Young Dentist of the Year in 2005. In 2006 he represented New Zealand as a finalist at the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons Young Lecturer of  the Year Award - a prestigious international award.  

Other recognitions include a Fellowship and Diplomat status from the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry.  He served as a past Directors Board member of the organization in the USA. Hisham is a founding member of the NZ Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, founding member and past Vice President of the NZ Institute of Minimal Intervention Dentistry, Fellow of the World Clinical Laser Institute and member of the Auckland and New Zealand Dental Associations. 

Hisham is an international citizen who has chosen Auckland to be home. Husband and father of one says “This is my passion; serving people, research, up-skilling every day and always challenging myself to become the best I can be.  An exceptional dentist is an artist, a physician, a scientist and a skilled human behavior moderator.  He or she is passionate about people, not their individual parts.” One of his punch lines at his courses to other dentists and health professionals is: "A true healthcare physician is one who empowers others to look after themselves". 

Hisham graduated with honors from Charles University in Prague with a Medical University Doctor of Stomatology (dentistry).  

He is the founder and CEO of the Laser LifeCARE Institute in Auckland New Zealand, author of the International #1 bestselling book "4D Leadership".

You  Could Be Enjoying a Perfect Night's Sleep in Just 6 Weeks!
We Do Things Differently Around Here
(Watch This Short Video To See What You Will Experience When You Come For Your Treatment)
Yes, you get this same luxury treatment!
Photo of Peter Ovari
"My snoring is less & I can't believe how much better my breathing is"

Peter Ovari

Frequently Asked Questions

We have attempted to answer all the frequently asked questions about laser snoring & sleep apnoea treatments below.  
If your exact question is not here simply email us your question here:  guestcare@lasersmile.co.nz

Does it hurt?
No, most patients feel neither discomfort nor pain during or after the procedure. Some experience a mild dry throat for a few days after.
How many treatments are required?
Over a period of six weeks you will have one complimentary phone consultation, then a full one hour diagnostic consultation with Dr Hisham where in most instances the first treatment is done.  Then there will be two 30 minute follow up sessions with Dr Hisham.  
Will I have more energy when my snoring stops?
Yes, our guests report that they wake up in a better mood and feel more energetic.  A good night's sleep solved many problems and with more hours of quality sleep you will find you are more alert and more able to cope throughout a normal day.
What are lasers?
We have been using Lasers for 15 years now and the technology has been around for 50 years.  If you have seen Star Wars and know what a lightsaber is, then you are getting close to what a laser looks like.  Lasers have been used in dentistry for over a decade to treat a number of health problems. Each laser has different wavelengths and power levels, that in the right hands are appropriate and safe for many different procedures, including snoring.

Compared to the traditional dental drill, lasers are known to cause less pain, reduce patient anxiety and minimise bleeding and swelling.
Is it safe?
Yes, this procedure is only new to Australasia.  It has been used in Europe, South America, Canada and the USA for a number of years and it's proven results are backed by scientific and clinical research.
Why Do We Snore?
That depends how loose the skin of the soft palate has become. Snoring occurs most when the skin becomes soft and saggy .... and no one wants saggy skin anywhere!!!

When you sleep, the muscles at the back of your throat and tongue relax and can create blockages in your airways. 

This is how the sound that we call snoring is produced.

Everybody's muscles relax but not everybody's airways get blocked, hence why some people snore and others don't.
Why Would I Have A Stop Snoring Treatment With A Dentist?
Dentistry is no longer just about filling teeth.  With the advent of lasers, dentists can do way more for you now than they could have done 5 years ago.  

At the LaserLifeCARE Institute we are the new face of dentistry and 15 years ago we were one of the first worldwide to start offering laser dentistry.  We not only use lasers, Dr Hisham Abdalla also teaches and certifies other dentists worldwide to use lasers in their surgery.  

We recently took delivery of the latest LightWalker Laser machine from Europe.  This is the latest in cutting edge laser technology and is what we use daily to treat teeth in our dental surgery, but it is not just limited to teeth.  Innovative solutions are available for a wide range of aesthetic treatments, including skin resurfacing & rejuvenation, veins and vascular lesions, mole, sun spot & tattoo removal, permanent hair reduction, and much more.

Our LightWalker machine has a setting called "Nightlase" and when the "NightLase" setting is activated we can regenerate collagen to naturally tighten the skin at the back of your throat.  

This opens your airways which not only reduces snoring it also improves your breathing overall. 

These advanced machines are revolutionising the dental industry and are fast becoming "the new face of dentistry". 

The LightWalker has been used extensively throughout South America, Canada and the USA for a number of years and it's proven results are backed by scientific and clinical research. 
The LightWalker machine has only been recently approved for us in Australasia in the last few months and we are one of the first to be using the machine in New Zealand.
Who Can't You Treat?
Our guarantee* does not extend to anyone with a Severe Gag Reflex, Morbid Obesity or Uncontrolled Diabetes.  Nor does it apply to anything Dr Hisham detects during your initial consultation that he deems will hinder your results.  
I travel a lot, can the program be tailored to my schedule?
Yes, most certainly we will accommodate your schedule. Three visits in six weeks is the minimum amount of time we like to spend on your treatment plan but we understand busy lifestyles and we create flexible plans in certain circumstances.
Is this right for everyone?
Snoring is caused for a number of different reasons, including mouth anatomy, nasal problems and sleep apnoea.  There are some who can’t be helped hence why we offer a complimentary phone consultation before you come into the clinic so your time isn't wasted.  We can generally establish your suitability for our program during the phone consultation and if we can't help we will do our best to refer you to someone who specialises in your particular challenges.  

Snoring is no different to any major health concern. Some people can be treated easily whilst others are not suitable for our program due to pre existing health concerns beyond our control.  We have found people with a severe gag reflex, morbid obesity or uncontrolled diabetes are not suitable for our program.
My snoring doesn’t disturb me, why should I bother treating it?
Heavy snoring may be a risk factor for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other health problems.  Improved relationships is also a common benefit that many patients report after completing our program.
Will I have to take time off work?
No, it is a walk-in, walk-out procedure so you can return to your normal routine straight away.  As always we would recommend you discern for self when is the right time for you to book your treatments.  If you are in an industry with regular deadlines, we recommend you book your treatments outside those times, because healing always occurs better in a non-stressed body.
Can I Pay My SnoreLase Treatment Plan in instalments?
Absolutely!  In fact we can offer all our guests up to twenty four months interest on your treatment and if your application is successful we will do all the paperwork for you!
How Does the Laser Work?
Our "SnoreLase Treatment Procedure" works with you over a six week period and involves shining a laser light on the soft palate, uvula, base of the tongue and back of the throat. 

This causes the collagen in the tissues to shrink and new firmer collagen is produced. The result is a tightening of the muscles in the mouth and throat, which opens up the airway.

Each session we simply keep tightening the muscles in the mouth and throat by shining the laser into the back of your throat.  
How Long Does It Take To See Results?
You will notice a small decline in your snoring after each treatment but just like firming muscles at the gym, it takes a few weeks or months to see the full extent of your progress. 

However, by the end of 6 weeks you and your partner will notice a big difference in your snoring.

We are more than happy to work alongside your sleep specialist if you have already been diagnosed with serious sleep apnoea or are using a CPAP machine.

Our goal is for you to have better sleep, better breathing without having to use devices and machines every night.
I'm Already Seeing A Sleep Specialist, Can I Still Try Your Treatment too?
We are more than happy to work alongside your sleep specialist if you have already been diagnosed with serious sleep apnoea or are using a CPAP machine.

Our goal is for you to have better sleep, better breathing without having to use devices and machines every night.  

Our goal is for you to have better sleep, better breathing without having to use devices and machines every night.  
Do You Have Corporate Programs?
YES, we are happy to work with your Health & Safety Team.  We are keenly aware of the issues sleep related fatigue causes in a work environment, particularly anyone using or driving big machines.  Snoring interrupts healthy sleep patterns which in turn causes lack of productivity due to bad sleep habits of the worker or their partner.  This goes on to cause such issues as moodiness and bad judgement which lead to reduced work efficiency.
How to Stop Someone From Snoring?
Snoring is VERY annoying for the person who has to listen to it.  Lack of sleep flares tempers and frequently causes severe problems in relationships.  The thing is to remain supportive and encouraging to the person who snores.  Making them feel worse only exacerbates the problem and will end up making you and them feel worse.  Snorers have usually tried a lot of different, often painful or uncomfortable treatments before they get to us.  They can be feeling frightened or just jaded because with so much effort, they can't stop snoring.  Showing your snorer this page in a gentle and loving way, playing them some of the great testimonials from real people who have had success with us, is one way of getting someone to start the journey.  Perhaps you could consider giving us a call at the clinic and gathering all the facts, as would coming into visit us.  Dr Hisham understands the emotional element to snoring because he has had the SnoreLase treatment with a colleague in Australia.  There is no magic pill or device that will stop someone from snoring, but we are here to help if and when your snorer is ready to seek something that really does work, but takes a little more time than a magic pill. 
How Would I Claim A Refund
Please see our clear and easy to understand refund policy above - basically if you have done all the things you promised to do when we agreed the treatment procedure together and we can't get your SnoreLab results improved by a measured 80%, then we give your money back, no questions asked and we return the funds to you in a timely way, in the same manner that you paid us.  You can also choose to come back for additional treatments with no further charge if the results are close to the 80% target.
I'm Confused Between SnoreLase and NightLase?
NightLase is the specific protocol used by the laser machine.  At our clinic we also include a health coaching program that introduces you to the many natural ways you can sleep better and improve your quality of sleep.   Most people only offer the NightLase sessions.  We have come to understand that snoring is not just a mechanical thing, there are many things that make people snore hence why we created The SnoreLase Program which is the combination of both NightLase and health coaching to help you address many issues that are effecting your snoring.  
How do I know a SnoreLase Treatment Plan will be right for me?
Everyone's circumstances are different and as with all our treatments we like to assess people first, hence why we like to speak with you before you come into the clinic, that way we won't waste your time or ours bringing you into the clinic, only to find some aspect of the treatment isn't right for you.  However, the SnoreLase laser treatment program for snoring is so incredibly simple and our people are so highly trained, qualified and experienced that in most instances we have been able to help and delight almost everyone who has contacted us.

Laser snoring treatments to stop snoring may not always be right for everyone.  Some people are light snorers and the solution is easy, others have been professionally diagnosed with sleep apnoea and have life saving equipment that they cannot be taken off immediately.  We always work in harmony with other professionals to ensure you are safe and that the treatment plan is right for your circumstances.  Apply for your obligation free Complimentary Phone Consultation Now.
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32 Mahuhu Crescent,  Auckland CBD
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Recent Media
Research Attribution

** Heavy Snoring as a Cause of Carotid Artery Atherosclerosis
Sharon Lee, Terence Amis, PhD, et al.


*** 82% Males and 93% Females with moderate to severe sleep apnoea are undiagnosed90% Males and 98% of Females with less severe sleep apnoea are undiagnosed

Young et al. , 1997 Sleep : Estimation of the clinically diagnosed proportion of sleep apnea syndrome in middle aged men and women

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